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In today’s modern food economy, it is no secret that capitalism dictates production techniques and food quality. Large agricultural companies are not motivated to provide clean food that is high in nutrients and low in toxicity. They are motivated to maximize the quantity of the food that they produce at the expense of food quality, health, and the environment.


It is becoming our collective responsibility to help change this system by selecting responsible food producers, supporting local farmers markets, and growing our own food. By using sustainable practices that improve food quality, health, and the environment, we can not only reap the rewards of healthy food production, but also help change the demands of the economy for our future generations.


At Desert Sun Hydro 2, we support the necessary changes in modern agriculture, and want to help you embrace them as well. You are the most important factor regarding the health and sustainability of this movement. Stop by and learn how you can garden responsibly and benefit from home grown organic food.



organic gardening

Organic Gardening is the way Nature intended its vegetables, herbs and fruits to be grown. Organic Gardening means gardening without the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. By growing plants, especially those grown for human consumption, gardeners get healthy, nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables that promote health, rather than cause health problems. Successful organic gardening, whether outdoors or indoors, is a bit more time-consuming, but the benefits of eating fresh produce and avoiding the short and long-term effects of the chemicals used in most commercial produce production are more than worth it.


about organic gardening

Organic gardening is a system that is used to grow plants using natural methods of fertilization, pest and disease control along with planting plants that can benefit each other. Growing your own organic garden is not that hard to do, and you will be surprised at the high yields of fruits and vegetables that can be produced. Techniques like succession and companion planting are very beneficial to this method of gardening.


Organic gardening is done the same way as nature does in the wild, naturally. Growth, death and decay are the principals behind good nutritious soil. In the forest plants live and die. Insects, worms and animals consume them and release nutrients back into the soil. The nutrients are then consumed by plant life. There is no need for chemical fertilizers in a natural environment. Nature also has a way of controlling insects with natural predators and parasites.


Organic gardening is basically the same as these natural cycles with one exception. When you harvest the crops from your garden you are removing them and not letting them decompose back into the soil, as nature would have done. So, you will need to add organic materials back into the soil. This can be done by simply composting.


It is a comforting feeling to know that what you have produced in your garden is both healthy for you and the environment. Whether you build the home of your dreams in a rural country setting or a suburban or urban area, organic gardening can be just as enjoyable and rewarding.