Dutch Leach Tray 6x40
6"x40" tray holds 6" slabs. (elbows and end-cap not included)..
Dutch Leach Tray Elbow
For the Dutch Leach tray..
Dutch Leach Tray Endcap
For the Dutch Leach tray..
Dutch Leach Tray Kit, 6x40
A popular do-it-yourself slab system choice. The 6"x40" tray holds 6" slabs and comes with 2 elbows..
Dutch Pot Elbows
Elbow connectors..
Dutch Pot w/2 elbows Black, 9
Use the Dutch Pot to make your own hydro system. Simply sit it over a drain channel and fill it with..
Leach Tray components
This component kit for our Leach Tray helps you configure Dutch Leach Tray buckets to drain into the..
MaxiPot Black, 11.4
These sturdy, sleek containers are made in the Netherlands for the commercial greenhouse industry. T..
Mini Hydro Bucket w/out elbows
Mini Dutch Pot dimensions: 9"H x 9.5"L x 9.5"W. The Mini Dutch Pot's more compact size is great for ..
Rose Bucket Black, 10
These buckets are anything but square! They may be square shaped, but they'll "mold" themselves to j..
The Giant Pot
The Giant holds about 1 gallon more than what is commonly known as a 5 gallon nursery pot.It is a n..
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