1000W HPS bulb
1000W HPS lamp by Phillips...
Bulb Sod 600W 347V Greenpower
Philips 600-Watt GreenPower High Pressure Sodium light bulbs are ideal for growing vegetables and f..
HPS Philips Ceramalux Bulb, 1000W
Philips 1000-Watt Ceramalux (AGRO-LITE XT) High Pressure Sodium lamps are ideal for growing vegetab..
Philips 3100K Master Color CDM Elite Agro 315 Watt  (12
Philips Elite Agro 315W T12 Lamp provides a compact and efficient metal halide solution for the hort..
Philips 4200K Master Color CDM Elite MW 315 Watt (12/cs
Superior color quality. Crisp white light. 4200k color temperature, High 92cri, 34,300 initial lumen..
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