hydrofarm;parabolic reflector;xtrasun parabolic;parabolic hood;vertical reflector;vertical hood;para..
Heat Shield for XT6AC & RF6AC
The REFLECTOR HEAT SHIELDTM is a sturdy, custom-fitted cover that double insulates your existing air..
Lens System for Xtrasun 6
Completely seal your Xtrasun 6" Air Coolable reflector from your grow area, to allow fast and effici..
Lens System, XT1AC
Lens system for Xtrasun AC white reflector (XT1AC). This is not a reflector unit. Dimensions : 19.25..
Solar Cooling Kit for XT6AC
hydrofarm;sola cool;solar fan;reflector fan;solar panel fan;AC;hood fan;hood solar fan;90 CFM fan wo..
Xt Wing Ref  w/Terminal Block
Pack of 6 reflectors The Xtrasun series offers excellent performance at a cost-effective price. The..
XT2AW Aluminum Wing Ref 6 Pack
The Xtrasun series offers excellent performance at a cost-effective price. These reflectors are soli..
Xtrasun 42
hydrofarm;xtrasun;parabolic reflector;parabolic hood;42 inch parabolic hood;42"parabolic reflector42..
Xtrasun Alum Wing Double Ended Reflector
Super-compact and efficient double-ended design! The Xtrasun Aluminum Wing DE Reflector works with 1..
Xtrasun II Aluminum Wing Reflector
Features Built-in 15' cordset Incredible value Super lightweight European-made high performance sp..
Xtrasun Mondo Reflector Lens System
Replacement tempered glass lens for the Mondo 6" Air Coolable Reflector. Includes mounting hardware ..
Xtrasun Parabolic 49
hydrofarm;xtrasun;parabolic reflector;parabolic hood;49" parabolic reflector;49 inch parabolic refle..
Xtrasun Ref 6
hydrofarm;xtrasun;AC reflectors;AC hood;reflective;grow light;hammertone aluminum;6";6 inch;xtrasun ..
Xtrasun Ref 8
hydrofarm;xtrasun;AC reflectors;AC hood;reflective;grow light;hammertone aluminum;8";8 inch;xtrasun ..
Xtrasun Ref Large 6
Xtrasun Reflector 6 inch air cooled SIZE MATTERS! Hydrofarm's Xtrasun reflectors were designed with ..
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