Bulb Sod for 150W Mini Sunburst
Hydrofarm;Mini Sunburst replacement bulb;grow light bulbs;replacement bulb;indoor grow light bulbsIn..
Bulb Super HPS 1000W Double Ended
Ushio;Super HPS 1000W Double Ended Bulb;DE;high pressure sodium;double-ended high pressure sodium;la..
Commercial DE Enclosed Reflector (DE1000Zh)
Hydrofarm;Commercial Enclosed DE reflector;double-ended;HID;lighting;HPS;high-pressure sodium;hydrop..
Commercial DE Open Reflector (DE1000Lh)
Hydrofarm;PARsource;Commercial Open DE reflector;double-ended;HID;horticultural lighting;HPS;high-pr..
Cooling Fan System
Cooling fan system for Sunburst models. Has a 4" flange. Extracts heat from the Sunburst reflector, ..
Daystar AC Reflector - 6
hydrofarm;daystar reflector;hood;6 inch air cooled;6" AC;Same incredible light delivery as the Dayst..
Daystar Reflector
The Daystar has evolved from our high performance GLX commercial greenhouse reflector. The greenhous..
Dual Air Cool Tube - 48
Use this larger design over flood tables up to 4' x 8'. Use the adjustable socket rings to slide the..
Dual Air Cool Tube - 60
Use this larger design over flood tables up to 4' x 8'. Use the adjustable socket rings to slide the..
Eiko 1000W HPS Double-Ended Bulb
EiKO's LU1000/TD/Hort HID lamps feature a clear outer bulb for optimal growthlight output and mainte..
Gold E Ballast 120/240  600W
The EYE Hortilux Gold Series electronic ballasts were designed by experts in lamp, ballast compatibi..
Gold E Ballast 120/240 1000W
EYE HORTILUX Ballasts provide a consistent power supply to your grow lamps. This allows your HORTILU..
Harvest Sun Ballast  400w HPS
The Harvest Sun ballast features our AlumaLite ballast core and an extruded aluminum case. All Harve..
Harvest Sun Ballast 600w HPS
ValuLine;600W Harvest Sun HPS/MH Ballast;C.A.P.;HID lighting;Features an AlumaLite ballast coreExtru..
Heat Shield for DA6AC
The Reflector Heat Shield is a sturdy, custom-fitted cover that double insulates your existing air-c..
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