Power Supply Cord, 120v, AWG 14/3
Hydrofarm;8' ballast power cord;14/3 120V;replacement ballast power cord;8-foot power cord120-Volt, ..
Power Supply Cord, 8ft, 480v, AWG 14/3
Hydrofarm;Power Supply Cord;8';480V;AWG 14/3;NEMA;L8-20P;UL-listed;ballast8-foot power cord480-Volt,..
Quantum PAR Meter (Micromols)
hydrofarm;quantum par meter;par meter;light meter;par meter;quantum light meter;Data logging capabil..
Receptacle Adapter Brand S
Hydrofarm;adapter;plug adapter;Hydrofarm ballast;plug adapterConnects Hydrofarm ballast to a brand '..
Reflector Hanging Hardware kit
Easily hang your Daystar, Radiant, or Sunburst with the Reflector Hanging Hardware Kit. ..
Reflector Hanging Kit
Perfect for hanging reflectors. You get everything you need in one package. No cutting chain off a r..
Replacement plug 20A 277v
Hydrofarm;replacement plug;replacement;power cord;277 volt plug;20 amp plugReplacement plug20 amp ra..
Revolution Ballast EMI Filter
Hydrofarm;Revolution;Ballast EMI Filter;line filter;electromagnetic interference;Designed to suppres..
Robo Stick lamp stabilizer
Gualala Robotics, Inc.;LightRail;RoboStick;light mover;10 RPM;HID lights;hydroponicsUsed for hanging..
Rope Ratchet - 2 per pack 1/8
Hydrofarm's compact rope ratchets (2 per pack) are perfect for hanging lights, filters, and other eq..
Rope Ratchet with 8' Heavy Duty Nylon Rope 1/4
A unique, compact system that lets you quickly secure a variety of items, including reflectors, fans..
Socket POM 5KV
Keep your light shining bright. Hydrofarm's sockets are quality-made pulse-rated sockets and accommo..
SunRise Reflector Hanging System
Hang reflectors with our easy one flip adjusting light toggle. Adjust hanging height of the light as..
Switch convertible 3-Way
hydrofarm;replacement part;replacement switch;xtrasun switch;powerhouse replacement switch;Replaceme..
Tent Hangers, Box of 4
Gualala Robotics, Inc.;LightRail;light mover;grow tent hangers;HID lights;hydroponicsEnable you to h..
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