The 4' Tomato Tower with support rings is a versitile garden accessory. This tomato cage was designe..
50' Coiled Hose w/ Nozzle
hydrofarm;garden accessories;coil hose with nozzle;coil hose;hose;watering;50' coiled hoseIncludes 2..
Bonsai Shears 40mm
Ancient wisdom supports cutting and shaping bonzai trees for peace, stress relief and creativity, bu..
Bonsai Shears 40mm Titanium
Bonsai Shears with Angled Titanium Blade Ideal for cutting flowers. Titanium blade coating is three ..
Bonsai Shears 60mm
Ancient wisdom supports cutting and shaping bonsai trees for peace, stress relief and creativity, bu..
Cable Tie 48
hydrofarm;zip tie;cable tie;cable zip;plastic zippers;equipment;accessory;Sturdy plastic constructio..
Disposable Transfer Pipettes 3
hydrofarm;pipette;transfer pipette;measure;disposable;measuring pipette;measure doses;Highly accurat..
Element Green & Grow Garden Hose 50'
The Element Green and Grow hose is truly a game changer with all of the features that today's organi..
Garden Soft Tie
Keep your fragile plants in secure comfort to ensure a long, sturdy growth period. Whether you're en..
Heavy Duty Shear
Truly a cut above! When you reach for a cutting implement, do you grasp just anything? Ordinary kitc..
Heavy Duty Shear Spring
Replacemement Spring for Heavy Duty Shears..
Hydrofarm Bio-Degradable Bags
Jump on the BYOB trend! Hydrofarm makes it easy to "bring your own bag." Whether you're providing th..
Hydrofarm Measuring Beaker
With so many choices in measuring instruments on the market, how do you choose? Select the item that..
Hydrofarm Pint Glass
Pour it on! Whether you choose to use the 16 ounce Hydrofarm pint glass for liquid refreshment for y..
Hydrofarm Plant Tie 150ft x 1/2
Flowers, plants, and trees don't usually get up and walk away on their own, but a small gust of wind..
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