Ebb & Gro Controller Connector Kit
C.A.P;CAP;Ebb-12 Controller Connector Kit;tubing;T-fittings;elbow fittings;grommets;hydroponicsProvi..
Ebb & Gro Controller w/ 2 pumps, 3.5 gal Reservoir
C.A.P.;CAP;Ebb & Gro Controller Unit;hydroponics;controller bucket;timer;pumpsIncludes controller un..
Ebb & Gro Expansion Kit, 6 pots, tubing & fittings
C.A.P.;CAP;Ebb & Gro Expansion Kit;hydroponics;6 pots;3/4"tubing;fittings;grommetsAdds six (6) more ..
Ebb & Gro Hydro System, Complete
The Ebb & Gro (comes with 12 planters and is expandable to 48+) is the most versatile ebb & flow sys..
Ebb & Grow Inner Bucket Blk 2 Gal
Ebb & Grow Inner Bucket..
Ebb & Grow Monster Inner Bucket Blk 5 Gal
C.A.P.;CAP;Ebb Monster Inner 5 gal Bucket;hydroponics;Inner 5-gal bucket for the C.A.P. Ebb Monster ..
Ebb & Grow Monster Outer Buckets Blk5 Gal Btm Hole
C.A.P.;CAP;Ebb Monster Outer 5 gal Bucket;hydroponicsOuter bucket for the C.A.P. Ebb Monster hydropo..
Ebb & Grow Outer Buckets Blk2 Gal Btm Hole
Ebb & Grow Outer Buckets..
EBB-Monster Kit, 55 Gal Drum & 3.5 Gallon Cntlr &pumps
C.A.P.;CAP;Ebb Monster Kit;Monster Controller module;55-gal drum reservoir;pumpsKit includes a 55 ga..
Monster 3 Grow Pot Add-on
C.A.P.;CAP;Monster 3 Grow Pot Add-on;Ebb Monster;hydroponics;expansion kit3-pot expansion kit for th..
Monster 6 Grow Pot Complete w/ 55 Gal Reservoir
C.A.P.;CAP;Ebb Monster 6 Grow Pot complete system;hydroponics;Complete system with a 55 gallon reser..
Monster Ebb Controller Module Only
C.A.P.'s Ebb Monster Controller controls the fill and drain cycles, efficiently and effectively tran..
The Original DWC Hydroponic System
The Original DWC Hydroponic System (24"..
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