AeroGarden 7 LED with Gourmet Herb Seed Kit
The Miracle-Gro® AeroGarden® 7 LED is the extraordinary soil-free indoor garden that grows plants 5 ..
AeroGarden Plant Light 26W Rep
Aero Garden Plant Light 26W Replacement (2/pk) AeroGarden ‘MAXGROW' Grow Lights bring sunshine indoo..
AG ULTRA w/Gourmet AG ULTRAt Plus Grow Anything Kit
A HYDROFARM EXCLUSIVE! The AeroGarden Ultra is a revolutionary new indoor garden that grows year-rou..
Cherry Tomato Seed Kit
Cherry Tomato Seed Kit Vine-ripened home-grown flavor all year ‘round. AeroGrow's red Heirloom Tomat..
Chili Pepper Seed Kit
A HYDROFARM EXCLUSIVE! Three different chilies for 3 levels of heat! One of AeroGarden's most attrac..
Fresh Tea Seed Kit
A HYDROFARM EXCLUSIVE! Makes tea a delicious, special treat - the freshest you can imagine! Cut fres..
Golden Harvest Cherry Tomato Seed Kit
A HYDROFARM EXCLUSIVE! Vine-ripened, home-grown flavor all year 'round. AeroGarden's Golden Harvest ..
Grow Anything 1-Season Kit
Grow Anything Kit - 1 Season Grow Your Own Seeds In The AeroGarden Grow Anything Kits let you plant ..
Jalapeno Pepper Seed Kit
A HYDROFARM EXCLUSIVE! Specially designed for the AeroGarden 3 (AERO300), these are sure to turn eve..
Mixed Romaine Seed Kit
A HYDROFARM EXCLUSIVE! A mixture of crispy, sweet, red and green leaf Romaine varieties that are gre..
Pesto Basil Seed Kit
Pesto Basil Seed Kit The favorite basil of Italy, Genovese Basil is perfect for pesto. AeroGrow's mo..
Salad Greens Seed Kit
Salad Greens Seed Kit AeroGrow's fastest-growing garden will amaze you! Germinates in days, start ha..
Salsa Garden Seed Kit
A HYDROFARM EXCLUSIVE! A fiesta at your fingertips! Garden-fresh tomatoes and jalepenos for the zipp..
Thai Pepper Seed Kit
A HYDROFARM EXCLUSIVE! Spicy little bright red peppers produced abundantly on lush plants. Many peop..
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