Most Botanicare systems are available with a high quality powder coated aluminum bench. The aluminum..
3 Way 1
Bench Component 1'' 3 Way White Connector..
3'x6' Bench
3 foot by 6 foot bench ..
360 Degree Clone Spinner
Ideal for rooting cuttings aeroponically. this Spinner comes with a male thread for a secure no-leak..
65 Gal Lid 38
Good 2 Grow Trays are designed with an effective grid pattern for superior drainage and root protect..
Active Aqua 2'x2' Humidome
This Active Aqua humidity dome fits perfectly over the 2X2 Active Aqua flood table. It features 3-wa..
Active Aqua 2'x4' Humidome
hydrofarm;active aqua;humidity dome;aa humidity dome;active aqua humidity dome;flood table dome;tray..
Active Aqua 3'x3' Humidome
The Active Aqua humidity dome fits perfectly over the 3X3 Active Aqua flood table. It features 3-way..
Active Aqua Ebb and Flow Kit
Parts to set up an ebb and flow system. Includes: 3' - 1/2" tubing 20" - 3/4" tubing 1 - 1/2" (13m..
Active Aqua Extension Fitting
Hydrofarm;Active Aqua Extension Fitting;flood & drain;raise fill levelExtension fittingThis fitting ..
Active Aqua Fill/Drain Combo Kit
Fill/drain combo kit. Includes: 1 Active Aqua 1/2" fill/drain fitting 1 Active Aqua 3/4" fill/dr..
Active Aqua Screen Fitting
Hydrofarm;Active Aqua;screen fitting;hydroponics;flood tables;reservoirsScreen fitting for flood tab..
Active Aqua Top Drip Kit
Parts to set up a 6-site drip system. Includes: 1 - 6 outlet adjustable manifold 1 - 1/2" barb - t..
Active Aqua Washer Fitting
Hydrofarm;Active Aqua;washer fitting;hydroponics;flood tables;reservoirWasher fitting for flood tabl..
ActiveAqua   1/2
Hydrofarm;Active Aqua;1/2" Fill/Drain Fitting;pack of 10;hydroponics;flood drain system;ebb & flow;f..
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