120V - 15A OFF Switcher
Designed to prevent equipment with counter active functions from operating at the same time, the 120..
120V - 15A ON Switcher
The iLS120-ON On Switcher/directional relay is useful for adding equipment to augment a process like..
4 Lights/Load Switcher, 120V In, 120V Out, 120V Trigger
- 120V supply, 4 x 120V outputs (to electrical service panel or 120V high amperage circuit, up to 40..
4 Lights/Load Switcher, 240V In, 120V Out, 120V Trigger
- 240V supply (connect to main electrical panel or any 240V outlet [4 wires] connected to a breaker ..
4 Lights/Load Switcher, 240V In, 240V Out, 120V Trigger
- 240V supply (connect to main electrical panel or any 240V outlet connected to a breaker up to 40 A..
CO2  Smart Controller with High-Temp shut-off
The iGS-061 is a standalone CO2 controller with high temperature shutoff that does not manage ventil..
CO2 Auxiliary Smart Controller
- Easy to use CO2 enrichment or CO2 ventilation controller - Day/night detection - Adjustable separa..
CO2/RH/Temp Controller Day/Night Settings, 6 Equipment
One simple controller to manage ALL of your indoor garden's climate parameters! The iGS-221 can oper..
CO2/RH/Temperature Smart Controller
- Sophisticated controller for experienced growers- Output 1 (bottom) for CO2 enrichment or CO2 vent..
Day/Night Controller without display
Basic and easy to use, the iGS-021 temperature controller will operate your heating or cooling equip..
DC Adapter 120 Vac - 12 Vdc, All iGS Controllers
DC Adapter 120V/12V DC. Works with all iGS controllers.3 Year..
High Temperature Watchdog with Adjustable Delay
Keep your plants from dying of heat stress or overheating once temperatures reach unacceptable level..
ON Delay Timer for ILS4-121-121S & 241, Start up Delay
The ILS4 triggered switch boxes from Plug 'N' Grow may be plugged into this external timer to delay ..
Precise Cycle Controller without display
Precise cycle timer with day/night detection. Very easy to use for irrigation pumps, fogging, mistin..
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