Cooling Thermostat
The TMP-DNe allows you to control the temperature within your growing environment. You can set the d..
120V - 15A OFF Switcher
Designed to prevent equipment with counter active functions from operating at the same time, the 120..
120V - 15A ON Switcher
The iLS120-ON On Switcher/directional relay is useful for adding equipment to augment a process like..
15' Extension Probe Sensor Cable
hydrofarm;autopilot;auto pilot;15'extension probe sensor cable;extension;probe;green house master co..
4 Lights/Load Switcher, 120V In, 120V Out, 120V Trigger
- 120V supply, 4 x 120V outputs (to electrical service panel or 120V high amperage circuit, up to 40..
4 Lights/Load Switcher, 240V In, 120V Out, 120V Trigger
- 240V supply (connect to main electrical panel or any 240V outlet [4 wires] connected to a breaker ..
4 Lights/Load Switcher, 240V In, 240V Out, 120V Trigger
- 240V supply (connect to main electrical panel or any 240V outlet connected to a breaker up to 40 A..
Adjustable Recycling Timer
C.A.P.;ART-DNe;Adjustable Recycling Timer;Upgraded circuit boardsImproved performanceMore precise op..
Advanced HID Lighting Controller
C.A.P.;CAP;HLC;Advanced HID Lighting ControllerCombines all of the HLC1, HLC2, and HLC3 functions in..
Analog 24hr Day & Night Cooling/Heating Therm
hydrofarm;autopilot;auto pilot;analog 24 hour thermostat;analog thermostat;heating/cooling thermosta..
Analog 24hr Recycling Timer
Analog CO2 Controller
hydrofarm;auto pilot;environmental controller;analog co2 controller;carbon dioxide;climate control;c..
Analog Enviromental Controller
hydrofarm;auto pilot;climate control;environmental control;analog environmental controller;temperatu..
Atmos./CO2 Controller, Temp & Hum w/photocell
The AIR-4 has all the features of the AIR-3 plus independent temperature and humidity controls and p..
Atmosphere CO2 Controller 15amp/120vac
The AIR-3DN provides the ability to coordinate supplemental CO2 with your ventilation equipment. It ..
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