Big Light Sale, Great PAR lights w/o big heat : Hydrofarm Commercial DE Systems 1000W- Special pricing: Coming 2018    

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We provide proper solutions for your growing success by educating you along the way. We believe that solutions do not always have to solve problems. We believe that solutions are to prevent problems. So let the team of growers at Desert Sun Hydro 2 provide you with the proper solutions prior to needing solutions to problems.

At Desert Sun Hydro 2 we believe that information and knowledge is as important, if not more important, than the products you purchase and use. We always try to understand what you are trying to accomplish. Whether it is a new grow, changing nutrients or lighting systems, getting rid of pests or disease or simply new to Hydroponics... we have the ANSWERS! With a complete understanding of your situation we can provide you with the product(s) you need to succeed.  

At Desert Sun Hydro 2 we educate you on the products and explain why a less expense product will work as good as the expensive on. We will also let you know when it is not the best idea to save money on a certain product. Honesty before profits, customer service and customer satisfaction are our primary goals

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